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As if the God's were made of dust.

Had it been fifteen years since this place was first marked? Paint spattered, leather bound, excavated and forged upon maps? Our families all came, hoping to carve their independence from the scattered dirt. The kind of hope that can only be gained in a world where kings are no longer made by blood but by rock.

As if the Gods were made of dust is an ongoing survey of ghost-settlements, antiquated gold mines and panning rivers that scatter a constellation of altered landscapes across the region now known as Victoria.


Here, the spirit of the forest holds a violent history. A time capsule of ecocide and invasion, these hollowed mountains tell the story of how contemporary Victoria came to be, and how we came to be here within it. Through performative interactions with these locations and acts of witness, the creation of this work aims to discover and make peace the spirit of this land as an attempt to reconcile our relationship with home.

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