Here Starts the Summer Dry

When I was young, my dad would beckon me out to the verandah whenever a storm rolled in. We would stand there, breathing in the humidity and listening to the birds as they organised themselves for the big rain ahead.

In the years since, we have experienced some of the longest and most significant droughts ever recorded on the continent. Decades of resource mismanagement and the looming climate crisis have segregated our communities along political lines and we are stuck in a position where saving either the economy or the environment seems like an impossible, binary choice. The small innocent interactions with environment and weather that I experienced as a child have been replaced with a sense of foreboding for that which is to come.

This work is borne from a sense of frustration, driven by an understanding that I hold no answers. All that I can do is witness and wait.

Here Starts the Summer Dry collects stories of climate impact from across the continent.